Welcome to Orizaris Consulting

Vasilios Orizaris

Founder and Managing Director of ORIZARIS-CONSULTING established in 2019.
I founded the company to fulfill my long-held vision of effectively supporting globally acting companies in their most strategic business development task of establishing and nurturing their international networks.
I´m native speaker of German and Greek and have good knowledge in the English language as well as basics in Bulgarian.

With a very good technical background in the automotive field, excellent communication skills and an international network I support companies in all phases of the development process:

  •  Innovation management
  • RFQ phase
  • Concept and series development
  • Supplier management
  • Prototype construction
  • Test phase
  • Start of production
  • Series support
  • Change management
  • VA / VE cost optimization

My professional experience ranges from the management of technical departments to project management.

My work experience varies from leading of engineering departments, to project management, VA/VE-Workshops, etc.

experienced >> 35 years automotive experience (OEMs | suppliers | freelancer)

competent  >> broad technical knowledge, leadership of international teams

innovative  >> more than 50 patents, lateral thinker

Innovation isn't a guarantee against failure,
but without innovation, failure is guaranteed

Stefan R. Munz

Automotive | Commercial Vehicles | Railway | Aerospace | Mechanical Engineering